We At Paw Protectors Rescue have been so busy, with San Diego Humane Society, LA City Animal Services, and a few other shelters we will officially announce soon, that we forgot to celebrate a very important milestone and anniversary.

It’s been One Year and the First Anniversary since Kaviani resigned from OC Animal Care. Paw Protectors Rescue has been advocating for the dogs at OC Animal Care since 2011, our game changing lawsuit Logan vs. OC Animal Care ushered in much needed shelter reform at OC Animal Care. Paw Protectors Rescue can finally say […]

Cruel and unlawful abandonment of domesticated cats by SD Humane

On December 8th, 2020, Nationally Renowned Civil, Environmental and Animal Rights Attorney Bryan Pease, Attorney G. David Tenenbaum and Pam Rosenberg Harris sent out a cease and desist on behalf of Animal Protection and Rescue League, Paw Protectors Rescue and several San Diego Residents to San Diego Humane Society and Shelter Director Gary Weitzman regarding […]

Paw Protectors Rescue, Priscilla Presley, Bruce Krider and other animal advocates speaking before the San Bernardino County Supervisors on Sept 15, 2020. – Update on Sheba Case!

Sheba’s life will be spared, she will be going to a rescue outside the SB County Jurisdiction. Animal Advocacy Works, Our Voices Does Matter, Our Voices Does Make A Difference. Here is the Channel 7 news coverage from the August 25th, 2020 San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Meeting, ABC 7 shows Paw Protectors Rescue […]

Steffen Baldwin Out Of Acton CA, and Co- Founder of Underdog Alliance, and Save Them Dog Training, Has Been Arrested, He Is Currently In LA County Jail On A No Bail Hold Awaiting Extradition To Ohio.

In the 11 years of our nonprofit, we have seen a number of pit bull advocates and pit bull rescuers rise and sink. The “emotionally charged” pit bull advocacy, rescue spheres and unfortunately the pit bulls themselves are easily exploitable. Thus, fraud and facades are commonplace. There is a reason we are still standing here […]

Controversial “No Kill” Shelter Director at OC Animal Care resigns.

Since 2011, We at Paw Protectors Rescue have worked ceaselessly, tirelessly and have fought arduously for shelter reform at OC Animal Care.  As animal advocates, our main goal is to prevent animal abuse and suffering. Real Animal Advocacy Works.  We at Paw Protectors Rescue have fought tooth and nail since 2011 for true, viable, sustainable shelter […]


The Truth Always Comes Out.  OC Animal Care Exposed and Called Out in major metropolitan news again in the negative spotlight once again for more shelter malfeasance which includes drugging large aggressive type pit bulls with Trazadone to make them appear more docile and adoptable to the general public and failing to disclose previous […]

PSA To The Orange County Residents and Orange County Communities.

Today, Christine Kelly one of the nations leading Animal Rights Attorney,  sent a 8 page Cease and Desist Letter to OC Animal Care and OC Animal Care Shelter Director Mike Kaviani. In in a joint collaborative collective community effort led by long time established OC based Rescues and long time established OC Community Residents, Christine […]

OC Animal Care Wrong to Return Sheltered Cats Back Into Neighborhoods

Paw Protector’s main focus has, and will, continue to be leading the progress for shelter reform at OCAC , to impact real viable positive and true responsible sustainable live outcomes for the animals. There is so much going on at OCAC and none of it good, in the short 10.5 months Mike Kaviani, The New […]