ABC 7 at OC Animal Care attended the OCAC Community outreach meeting, where animal advocates, community members and rescuers spoke regarding OCAC opening up the shelter to the general public and re instating TNR:

Paw Protectors Rescue was there and this was our public comment:

Good afternoon my name is Sharon Logan of Logan vs. OC Animal Care.

Since 2012 I have been advocating for shelter reform at OC Animal Care when I started my journey with OCAC, OCAC was euthanizing 700-900 animals a month, 50 percent of the dogs did not make it out alive  and two out of every three cats did not make it out alive.

I am one of the current plaintiffs suing the San Diego Humane Society regarding their cruel and inhumane RTF program.

Let us be clear, we always have supported  TNR at OC Animal Care and we always will.

We have made it clear to OC Animal Care that they need to be doing TNR.

It’s critical for the public to be aware of the vast program differences between True Targeted TNR and RTF.

True targeted TNR is where every effort is made to fix all feral cats in a given area.

OCAC needs to have a TNR program place ASAP.

OC Animal care also needs to take in Kittens and friendly adult cats, these cats and kittens should be given a chance at a real home and to be put up for adoption at the shelter,  not just fixed, abandoned, and dumped back onto the streets after 1-2 days which is what was happening under the RTF program.