But a lawsuit against the San Diego Humane Society claims when it comes to cats — that pledge does not apply.

Thank you Kimberly Hunt of San Diego Channel 10 news for doing the research, finding out what is really going on behind San Diego Humane Society’s RTF program, shining a light on this cruel and inhumane practice and presenting a fair and balanced 7 minute TV news report to the general public.

Pet Assistance Foundation and Paw Protectors Rescue lawsuit against San Diego Humane Society’s RTF Program Moves Forward.

San Diego Humane Society declined to be interviewed for this TV news report.

The communities and residents of San Diego need to know this is how San Diego Humane Society spends some of the 19 million dollars of tax payer funded monies that the San Diego Humane Society receives from the 14 cities they contract with, that money should be going to sheltering, vetting, adopting out and caring for those healthy, adoptable, friendly, sociable, non feral cats at the San Diego Humane’s Society facility not dumping the Cats for Stats into the streets via RTF to bolster their phony and fake Live Release Rates.