It was amazing to see the turnout at OC Animal Care today!!

OC Animal Care put out a plea and the community responded in force, it was encouraging to see a full parking lot, a line to view the cats and many dogs being adopted.

As the community is aware, we at Paw Protectors Rescue have been OCAC’s most vocal critic since 2012, and we have to give credit where credit is due.

From 2012 to 2018 OC Animal Care was euthanizing 400-700 animals a month in 2022 OC Animal Care euthanized almost 70 dogs, Huge Difference, Hundreds of people from the community showed up and while maybe a total of 25 protestors were outside yelling that OC Animal Care euthanized almost 70 dogs this year we were inside letting a few people from the general public that was waiting in line, the shelter staff, management and admin know that this shelter has come a long way from when they were euthanizing 400-700 animals a month.

In 2014 the OC Register published an article titled Death takes a holiday at OC Animal Care.

Another local paper called OC Animal Care a death camp for decades.

Here are some of the previous articles on OC Animal Care and their euthanasia rates.

Paw Protectors Rescue spoke to several different staff members that told us The Shelter Director and Assistant Shelter Director are doing an amazing job, we spoke with the director of OC Community Resources about concerns and we can tell the general public those concerns are being addressed, we can tell the general public that we were also told that morale among the current employees is high at OC Animal Care  and we spoke with the Shelter Director about concerns and we were assured they are being addressed.

Is there room for improvement sure just as there is room for improvement at Austin Pets Alive, Best Friends and every other municipal shelter in California.