Wonder about how some dogs are easy to adopt and others are not, and eventually at the 47 minute mark (skip ahead, we don’t mind!) get into a detailed interview with advocate Sharon Logan about her “Cease and Desist” letter to Orange County Animal Control, and her newly filed lawsuit against the San Diego Humane Society regarding Trap Neuter Release (TNR) and Return to Field (RTF) programs at both locations with the cat population.
Sharon has a lot of solid information to share, and this interview is a good introduction to the subject if you are not that knowledgeable (like Ryan), but also informative if you are well versed on the subject! Sharon is an advocate for that she terms “true” TNR, but is against RTF. If YOU or someone you know supports RTF, we are interested in hearing from you and having you on the pod! Shoot us an email at rescuereportpodcast@gmail.com
Finally, we end the pod today with some tips about dealing with the fireworks madness with your doggos from Randee, and then go out on possibly one of the best renditions of the Star Spangled Banner ever recorded live, Whitney Houston in 1991 at the Super Bowl in Tampa….. if nothing else just fast-forward to the end of today’s pod and listen to her hit those notes at the end! “Astounding” is not superlative enough of a word! Happy 4th ya’ll!!!
Note: Ryan is putting together more detailed show notes with copies of documents, like Sharon’s Cease and Desist letter, links, all that stuff on our podcast blog which is currently here:

  …so if you are into the detail, please go check there!