Facts Speak To The Truth.

This is truly disgusting and Shameful AF!

Just because you self identify as an animal advocate does not necessarily make you one.

This is a prime example of Animal Advocacy gone horribly awry.

One only needs to look at the leadership and Apex of this organization to see where the blame and responsibility lies.

Steffen’s Rescue Partner still trying to deflect from all that blood on her hands from
UA and Steffen Baldwin, just sayin!

How sad this is how their Animal Advocacy is conducted.

So all this dust she is kicking up regarding RTF doesn’t change the fact of all of the dogs that are dead essentially because of her partnering up with working with and and funding a dog abuser/dog  murderer.

ANIMAL WATCH-On March 29, 2021, an Ohio Grand Jury issued a Supersede Indictment for 53 counts against Steffen Baldwin, aka Steffen Finkelstein, co-founder of the nonprofit Underdog Alliance and Save Them Dogs in Acton, CA, who advocated for dangerous, last-chance Pit Bulls and “No Kill.”  💪💪👊🏼👊🏼

L. A. Pit Bull Rescuer/Trainer Re-Indicted by Grand Jury — Felony Animal Cruelty Charges Added