Paw Protectors Rescue was honored that we were able to reunite Olympus from OC Animal Care with his rightful owners and family.

Social media has revolutionized the way we receive, conceptualize, and share information.

Thank you to all the residents and the general public in the communities of Orange County and beyond that shared the story of Olympus to help reunite and reunify Olympus with his Real Family! 

Olympus was adopted out from OC Animal Care to a new family on the fourth day after Olympus entered OC Animal Care while some of Olympus’s real family members were burying a son in Ohio.

Thank you so much to Kacey Montoya and KTLA for agreeing  to cover and air Olympus’s story from OC Animal Care.

Thank you to the new family that adopted Olympus from OC Animal Care for doing the right thing and returning Olympus back to his original family.

See coverage of Olympus’s story on KTLA here: