Paw Protectors Rescue took in Elle as an owner surrender.

Elle is a Pure Breed 5 month old American Eskimo Puppy.

Paw Protectors Rescue was shocked and saddened to learn that Elle came from an Amish Breeder and Puppy Mill.

With all the education and awareness out there we can’t believe people still knowingly support breeders and puppy mills and the cruelty associated with their practices.

Elle came from Catherine and Emanuel Nisley, Cathy’s Kennel- 62adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Dogs with bad teeth/mats. Build up of dirt and feces, sharp points sticking into kennel.

Elle is very active and hyper, thank you so much to Marcella Janes and her stellar rescue Gone To The Dogs Rescue that found Elle the most amazing active family to call her own.