Paw Protectors Rescue have had our non profit pet rescue since 2011, over the course of this time, we have continually and steadfastly educated the general public regarding breeder dogs, puppy mill dogs vs. shelter dogs.

Someone paid $2600 for this 3 month old male Shih-Poo puppy that they chose to buy from Hello Puppies in Temecula even though they are aware where these puppies truly come from, they did ask the employees of Hello Puppies where the puppy came from? and was told  all the puppies come from Rescues.

By the time Nimbus was 5 months old, they called us and said Nimbus was too much work, too much responsibility and he wasn’t a cute little puppy anymore and asked
Paw Protectors Rescue to take Nimbus into our rescue as an owner surrender.

Nimbus was adopted by an amazing loving family and resides in Newport Beach.