It’s been One Year and the First Anniversary since Kaviani resigned from OC Animal Care.

Paw Protectors Rescue has been advocating for the dogs at OC Animal Care since 2011, our game changing lawsuit Logan vs. OC Animal Care ushered in much needed shelter reform at OC Animal Care.

Paw Protectors Rescue can finally say after being extremely critical of OC Animal Care for a decade and their previous shelter leadership which included (Drabek, Hawkins, Kaviani) that OC Animal Care is on the right path, moving in a progressive, positive direction and has a Shelter Director that is doing a great job without subscribing to the misguided pipe dream and misguided idealogy of some of the extreme militant animal activists!

OC Animal Care is longer Dumping Cats for Stats also known as RTF.

OC Animal Care is no longer withholding the dog bite histories of adoptable dogs.

Dogs are not being warehoused for years without any social interaction or stimulation.

Dogs are not being drugged with Trazadone to mask their true behavior to potential adopters.

Thank you to some of the members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors that listened to the voices of reason from concerned residents of Orange County regarding  Kaviani’s tenure at OC Animal Care  over the voices of self aggrandizing “rescuers” and “rehabbers” that were shamelessly exploiting OC Animal Care pit bulls for their own financial or secondary gain and agenda.

What was happening at OC Animal Care under Kaviani’s tenure  even caught the attention of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Sharon Logan, one of the local animal activists behind the cease and desist letter, said she believes Kaviani’s resignation was related to issues with his leadership and the CBS investigation.

“The facts had been coming out regarding Kaviani and his lack of leadership and inability to effectively lead OCAC shelter employees at OC Animal Care for months,” Logan said.

Never doubt that Our Voices Does Make A Difference and Our Voices Does Matter.

Real Animal Advocacy Works!

Paw Protectors Rescue can finally say OC Animal Care More Good Than Bad!!