Thank you Bryan Pease, G. David Tenenbaum, Pam Rosenberg Harris, and all the San Diegans that choose to be on the right side of this equation and for standing up and speaking out against the cruel and inhumane practice of Dumping  Cats for Stats! 
The practice of dumping friendly adoptable cats on the street to fend for themselves is heinous. 
There are no science-based or humane arguments for abandoning domesticated cats on the streets to suffer and die. 
A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good just because it’s currently an accepted practice by Best Friends.
Paw Protectors Rescue supports true TNR, or trap neuter release.
What we don’t support is Dumping Cats for Stats also known as RTF, RTF  is treating a domesticated stray or abandoned cats that have gotten loose as you would a true feral. 
There is no chance for them to be adopted and a higher chance to end up dead on the streets.  
 It’s a numbers game folks – The cat isn’t euthanized at the shelter so it’s a happy statistic, so the shelter can claim they are “No Kill.”
The cat may die on the streets when it’s RTF-Return to Field, but oh well as long as Shelter numbers are not affected! 
This practice is cold and heartless and needs to end.