Sheba’s life will be spared, she will be going to a rescue outside the SB County Jurisdiction.

Animal Advocacy Works, Our Voices Does Matter, Our Voices Does Make A Difference.

Here is the Channel 7 news coverage from the August 25th, 2020 San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Meeting, ABC 7 shows Paw Protectors Rescue as the last speaker before the SB BOS.

Paw Protectors Rescue Statement to the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors.

My name is Sharon Logan, I am a resident of  Huntington Beach Ca, and I have operated my Non Profit Paw Protectors Rescue for 10 years.

I am also the plaintiff in the successful lawsuit Logan vs OC Animal Care which was the game changer that brought much needed shelter reform to OCAC.

Everybody who works for the county and the community understands that you the  members of this Board of Supervisors are the ones that make the final decisions in regards to County Matters.

California Legislative Code TITLE 14.
  Section 599d. States:

“It is the policy of this state that no adoptable animal should be euthanized if it can be adopted into a suitable home unless it has manifested a sign of behavorial, temperamental defect or aggression sign of disease, injury or congenital hereditary condition. The state policy is clear that unless one or the other of those exists there is no basis to euthanize the animals.

The law is the law and that was the basis of my lawsuit against OC Animal Care.

The standards that this County has held a Sheba to in ordering her death in the coming weeks, is not in keeping with either the Code of multiple other Counties and jurisdictions and completely, or your own County’s code favoring adoption to a rescue organization of such dogs as Sheba in place of euthanasia.

Your County standard recommending saving the lives of dogs like Sheba also mirrors what the State of California has established in order to save lives of deserving dogs, not take them based upon the evaluation of one person who has never even laid eyes on the dog, much less implemented a competent behavioral evaluation by a licensed professional.   Yet, her owner was told she must die for the safety of the public.

Greg Beck directed that Sheba be destroyed “because allowing you to maintain custody of Sheba would create a significant threat to the public health, safety and welfare.”

Sheba has lived in terrible confinement, denied any comforts or exercise, mentally deteriorating for the past 15 months.

SB County will accomplish nothing by killing Sheba after all the time, money, and energy that has been expended in attempting to place Sheba with a qualified rescue and NOT with her owner.

Sheba deserves a second chance with a rescue approved by this board, out of the jurisdiction of San Bernardino County.

Light and truth will always
prevail, despite the nomenclature of ‘menacing’ or ‘vicious’ dog, we thank the SB BOS for stepping up and being on the right side of this equation and for sparing Sheba’s life.