In Memoriam to Stitch and all the unwanted, unloved pets who die needlessly in the California Shelter System!

Sharon Logan, Paw Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors, et al, We did It Stitch!  Sharon Logan, Paw Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors et al, has reached a Settlement Agreement with OC Animal Care.

Sharon Logan, Paw Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors, et al, We have forced OC Animal Care to change their practices, polices and procedures and comply with California State and Federal Laws.

It has been a little over 3 years and I still see your scared, confused and frightened face every day, I still see how much you wanted to live but you were killed because your supposed owner told the OC Shelter you were people and animal aggressive which was not true as I watched your behavior for 45 minutes before the shelter brought out the Wheel Of Death.

I, Sharon Logan promised on  that day, that although I could not save you and in the 3 years that I have been in a lawsuit with the OC Shelter that many others have followed the same fate as yours, that one day the practice of Immediate Euthanasia of Owner Surrendered Dogs that the owners have claimed as vicious or aggressive without any kind of previous or written documentation would stop.

That day has come, Please RIP now Stitch, as you have forged the way and created change in the OC Shelter System.

After 3 Years, Sharon Logan, Paw Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors, et al  have reached a settlement with the OC Shelter that is a huge win and major victory for the animals, the OC Shelter has agreed to rewrite most of its polices and procedures and to immediately stop the euthanasia of owner surrendered animals that are deemed aggressive or vicious without prior written documentation.

Sharon Logan, Paw Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors, et al  and our Attorneys also for the next two years will by the 10th of every month receive a list of all the dogs the OC Shelter euthanized the previous month and out of that monthly list, we will be allowed to choose five random dogs monthly and ask for the dogs complete medical and shelter records to see if the dogs were euthanized before the mandated time hold or if stated aggression the documented aggression history.

48 Page Settlement Agreement signed, sealed and delivered.