Sharon Logan, Paw Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors, et al and Sharon Logan’s attorneys have obtained RAW DATA from OCAC, Orange County Animal Care for the month of October 2015. Some very sobering numbers, acquired thanks to Sharon Logan and Logan vs OC Animal Care lawsuit.

This details EVERY animal killed at Orange County shelter for the month of October 2015.

Please go through this carefully, and evaluate for yourselves. All animals killed prior to their state mandated hold period are highlighted in yellow. All “suspicious” deaths are highlighted in red (no evidence that they met the criteria of either 1) irremedialy suffering, 2) too young, or 3) vicous/aggressive with DOCUMENTED history). All that are “somewhat suspicious” are highlighted in orange (those euthanized at owner request, but that were pretty old, thus likely suffering, or those with contagious disease). FYI, employee “JA” appears to have been involved in killing these animals more than twice as often than the next closest contender.

“It is the policy of this state that no adoptable animal should be euthanized if it can be adopted into a suitable home unless it has manifested a sign of behavorial, temperamental defect or a sign of disease, injury or congenital hereditary condition. The state policy is clear that unless one or the other of those exists there is no basis to euthanize the animals. We know that the OCAC like many municipal shelters for the reasons we just discussed, claiming lack of resources, but also because they simply become callous and let’s face it, if it’s a job that you do day in and day out, it doesn’t take you long to figure out that the less animals you have to be accounted for and take care of the less work you have.”

“The law is the law, for the next two years as of the 10th of every month, I and Sharon Logan will be receiving as the court designated people, a list and identification of all animals euthanized in that prior month and we can choose at random whatever 5 animals we want further documentation on, so we will be looking over their shoulder and I assure you quite carefully, and that should have at least some kind of effect on the people working there. This is a battle that we will have to continue to fight.”

I think that in time, over a 2 year period, should have some effect on putting in place these procedures they have agreed to, learning to live with them and hopefully coming to the understand that doing it the right way produces more forever homes for these animals, and makes you feel better about yourself than doing it they way they have been doing it.”

Howard Finkelstein, Attorney for Sharon Logan and Paw Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors speaking on live on air radio
October 08, 2015.