In the 11 years of our nonprofit, we have seen a number of pit bull advocates and pit bull rescuers rise and sink. The “emotionally charged” pit bull advocacy, rescue spheres and unfortunately the pit bulls themselves are easily exploitable.

Thus, fraud and facades are commonplace. There is a reason we are still standing here 11 years later while people like Steffen Baldwin and his rescue Underdog Alliance which is 2 years old fall.

Steffen Baldwin, Saskia Boisot’s Rescue partner and co founder of Underdog Alliance and Save Them Dog Training out of Acton, CA has been arrested.

We have worked diligently for over 2 years with Litsa in Ohio to bring Steffen Baldwin to justice and held accountable for killing Remi.

Just because you self identity as an “behaviorist” “trainer” “rescuer” “animal advocate” does not necessarily make you one.

Steffen Baldwin and his rabid supporters are a prime example of animal rescue and animal advocacy gone horribly awry. Steffen Baldwin the self aggrandizing and self proclaimed trainer, behaviorist and rescuer that is a part of Underdog Alliance and Save Them Dog Training has been arrested with as No Bail Hold and is awaiting extradition to Ohio. 

Way to go Steffen and Underdog Alliance to hijack the message of No Kill for Monetary gain.

Brenda Barnette has used Steffen as has Best Friends LA, Best Friends Utah, Pima Animal Care Center and Austin Animal Care.

Stay Tuned lots more to come.

Litsa, your are one of the most courageous and strongest animal advocates I know, you are a Force in Animal Rescue and Animal Advocacy!

Remi is smiling down from the rainbow bridge at you. Thank you for being his voice.  👊🏼💪

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