Sharon Logan, Logan vs OC Animal Care, OC Animal Care Demurrer Overruled

Sharon Logan

Sharon Logan, Logan vs OC Animal Care

A demurrer is a pleading in a lawsuit that objects to or challenges a pleading filed by an opposing party. The word demur means "to object"; a demurrer is the document that makes the objection. Lawyers informally define a demurrer as a defendant saying, "So what?" to the pleading.

The Judge in the Orange County Superior Court has allowed a lawsuit that alleges retaliation from OC Animal Care and challenges the Euthanasia practices at O.C animal care to proceed and move forward, a trial date has been set. The lawsuit has been brought forth by Paw Protectors a rescue group and Sharon Logan an individual.

In the Judge's ruling, the Judge stated:

Respondent Orange County Animal Care’s Demurrer...

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Sharon Logan, Of Paw Protectors Rescue, Has Been A Long-Time Rescuer Of Animals From The OC Animal Shelter In Orange, Calif.

Sharon Logan

Via National Dog News Examiner:

Sharon Logan, of Paw Protectors Rescue, has been a long-time rescuer of animals from the OC Animal Shelter in Orange, Calif.

Recently, however, that all changed following Logan expressing concern over the treatment of a surrendered dog, and what appears to be retaliation on the part of the animal shelter facility.

It all began on July 27 - the day that sharon Logan witnessed a heartbreaking scene at the facility. On that day, Sharon Logan was at the facility to pull a dog for her rescue.

While there, she claims to have overheard a woman laughing and joking about a dog who she was surrendering. The woman allegedly was laughing as she told a friend...

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Sharon Logan and Sharon Logan's Attorneys Receives Accountability Report From OC Animal Care Reveals 491 Animals Killed In 31 Days

Sharon Logan

Via National Pet Rescue Examiner

On Tuesday, Sharon Logan, Paws Protectors Rescue, Paw Protectors, et al and Sharon Logan's attorneys received their first accountability report they were scheduled to receive for the next two years from OC Animal Care as part of the settlement of a 48 page lawsuit and court settlement agreement in place via Sharon Logan against the OC Animal Care in California.

Shocking statistics show 491 animals euthanized in 31 days; thus making the average of 16 animals killed every day. "If that doesn't make your blood boil it should," stated Sharon Logan on her Facebook page. As the information was analyzed, notice was taken of animals killed prior to the required hold period. A subsection was also highlighted in red of suspicious deaths contending the shelter provided no evidence that they met the criteria of either; 1) irremediable suffering, 2) too young, or 3) vicious/aggressive...

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